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Lenore Farrell

M Y   S T O R Y

My journey began while vacationing on the island of Ibiza off the coast of Spain in 1975, only seventeen years of age. There I met one of England's top advertising photographers "Sid Roberson". While in England spending time at his studio he was an inspiration when he lent my younger sister and I one of his cameras for the day. We began pretending we were a photographer and model capturing the beauty of  the sites. I only have the contact sheet from that day as a memory. As time passed, I had never forgotten the gift from that day in England, I decided in 1994 to set out on a mission to further the creative skills using photography.

Today with a graduate certificate from Sheridan College in the Applied Photography program in 1997 my dream was put into place with my career as a Professional Photographer. Over 20 years of being an active photographer, I was able to enjoy capturing moments of family portraits, weddings, musicians and much more in between. I loved capturing the moments in time, so when looking back at the photos, it’s as if a story is being told. 

During 1999-2004, along side of my photography, I had worked at my mother’s night club with my older sister and mother. Club Matador, a busy venue was established in 1964, which was a live entertainment venue playing country rock n’ roll. The venue was popular on weekends for those who wished to continue an evening out after hours. We were able to hear the sounds of great local musicians.

After the Matador, I focused on my career as a photographer mainly doing business portraits and events. I was privileged with the clients I had and can’t thank them enough for all the support they had given me. I have got to see and meet so many interesting people over the years. 

Taking a small step back from photography in 2013, I had began working part-time at Porter Airlines as a customer service representative. By 2017, I was now full time with Porter Airlines. With photography on hold, a new life’s journey began at becoming a Wedding Officiant in 2016. I love the feeling of assisting couples design their beautiful, meaningful, and personalized wedding ceremony. To date, I’ve conducted many ceremonies, which has been rewarding. One of the greatest joys of being an officiant, I had the honour to perform my son’s marriage ceremony to his beautiful wife. 

My website has been created to showcase a span of over twenty years of images I have created for my clients, my travels, as well as images of my family. I am very proud of all I have accomplished and each step I have chosen.